About us

At LOV FERMENTS, we are architects of an unprecedented gastronomic experience, goldsmiths of fermentation who extract the hidden essence of noble ingredients to offer you an unprecedented sensory journey. In every drop of our fermented elixirs, there is a universe of flavors and aromas waiting to be discovered by bold palates and restless hearts.

At the epicenter of our proposal lies an awakening, an invitation to transcend convention and embark on an unparalleled sensory journey. With LOV FERMENTS, lift the veil into a world where the extraordinary is the norm, and every sip is a revelation.


In the exciting world of mixology and alcoholic beverages, there is vast potential for innovation and creating unique sensory experiences. With the knowledge of fermentation, we have the ability to convert any type of sugar into alcohol, opening up an infinite range of possibilities to create truly extraordinary alcoholic beverages. We invite you to join the innovation.

  • Mission

    In our commitment to elevate excellence in the hospitality industry, we work closely with our country's leading restaurants to provide them with unique alcoholic beverages that challenge limits and surprise palates. We firmly believe in the transformative power of a well-crafted beverage, one that can completely elevate your dining experience. We are passionate about offering new and exciting options that delight you and your guests, and add a touch of class to every gathering you host.

  • Philosophy

    In our creative process, we explore a wide range of cultural, historical and artistic concepts to inspire us to create drinks that give you a truly unforgettable experience. Each of our creations is the result of meticulous research and careful experimentation. We fuse exquisite ingredients with innovative techniques to achieve flavors and aromas that will transport you to unique stories with each sip.

  • Exclusive production

    In order to ensure you an exclusive experience and the highest quality in each bottle, we produce a total of 12 micro lots per year, each in limited quantities ranging from 60 to 500 unique bottles. This meticulous approach allows us to maintain exhaustive control at every stage of the process, from ingredient selection to final bottling. As a result, each bottle becomes a liquid masterpiece, a collector's piece that gives you the essence of innovation and luxury in every sip.

Fusing past and future in each limited edition

HISTORY (2017 TO 2023)

1 | Mead fermented with champagne yeast
2 | Dry mead macerated with North African spices
3 | Braggot Beer
4 | Sweet Hop Mead
5 | Kombucha with quince pear and orange blossom
6 | Rooibos, mint and lemon grass kombucha
7 | coffee kombucha
8 | Passion fruit and guava guarapo with cachaça - Paradiso
9 | Pineapple wine in cold brew coffee heading - Nomad Coffee
10 | Tamarind Water Kefir with Chai Whiskey - Balius
11 | Kombucha topped with shochu steeped with lapsang tea - Kensho
12 | Lactic mead of lychees and shisho with shochu - Dos Palillos
13 | Tomato fortified wine - Ramon Freixa
14 | Oloroso Guarapo
15 | Rosemary mead - Alemany
16 | Caramel guarapo topped with braggot and aged whiskey - Abac
17 | Kombucha tonic topped with cocoa rum and pumpkin
18 | Guarapo ale with passion fruit and licorice - Restaurante Kabo
19 | Chestnut mead - Alemany
20 | Kombucha margarita with lemon and salt shrub - CEBO
21 | Sweet potato and chestnut liqueur - OBA
22 |
tropical vermouth
23 | Rosalía Sake
24 | Hammurabi
25 | I saw from memory