The cocoa that longed to be a grape: an exceptional collaboration with Françoi Chartier LAB, where we have created a wine from cocoa pulp. Dare to discover this unique and unique drink.

  • 12 Editions per year

    Every month we reveal a new limited edition, a drink like never before to surprise even the most daring, like you.

  • Unique and Unrepeatable

    Each edition is the unique result of an unrepeatable fermentation process that unites bold exploration and temporary innovation.

  • History and culture

    By applying modern fermentation techniques to recipes of ancient and multicultural inspiration, we open doors to a new paradigm.

With every sip, you become part of this unique story, fusing past and present into an exceptional experience.


Each of these creations is unique and incomparable, meticulously crafted for the most demanding. We will never repeat the same process, which means you are about to enjoy something truly special and exclusive.

Immerse yourself in a journey through our historical creations and witness the rich diversity we offer with our 12 annual references. From the first experiments to the modern wonders that have conquered palates, each limited edition tells a unique story in our evolution. Your participation not only connects you with our fermenting art, but also makes you a protagonist of this extraordinary experience.

Explore the past that inspires the future of fermentation and be captivated by the promise of flavors and aromas that you will only find here.

  • Bold exploration

    Our concoctions open the door to unexplored territory beyond wine and beer, a terrain that we want to discover with you. We invite you to explore a palette of flavors and textures that challenges the known, inviting your adventurous palate to embark on an unprecedented odyssey.

  • Temporary innovation

    When we fuse modern techniques with indigenous and ancient ingredients, we reveal a spectrum of aromas and nuances. We add flavor to the story. By enjoying our elixirs, you will redefine your perception of mixology and enrich your understanding of wine culture.

  • Authentic connection

    We offer you much more than a drink; We offer a personal narrative, a direct connection to a rejuvenated heritage, and an avant-garde vision of fermentation that pays homage to the ancient while enthusiastically embracing the contemporary.