Frequent questions


What is the shipping policy?

Please see our shipping policy in our "Shipping and Returns" section on our website for full details on shipping costs and times.

Do we offer international shipping?

No, for now we only have national shipping.

What should I do if my order arrives damaged or incomplete?

If your order arrives damaged or incomplete, please contact our customer service team immediately so we can resolve the situation.

Do we have gift options or special packages?

Yes, we offer gift options and special packages for special occasions. Explore our options online or contact us for more details.


How are LOV FERMENTS drinks different from other alcoholic beverages?

Our drinks go beyond conventional standards like wine and beer. We use special ingredients and exclusive fermentation techniques to deliver a variety of unique flavors, aromas and textures in each bottle.

How are these drinks born?

We are inspired by ancient recipes and processes. We explore recipes and fermentation techniques that have stood the test of time. We then adapt and modernize them to create unique products that pay homage to tradition.

Where are LOV FERMENTS products made?

Our products are made in our facilities dedicated to fermentation, located in Barcelona. Here, we apply our knowledge and passion to create exceptional drinks.

Are they drinks suitable for vegans?

Yes, our products are suitable for vegans. We do not use ingredients of animal origin in our fermentations.

Can I visit your facilities?

Currently, we do not offer public tours of our facilities. However, you can contact us for more information about our products and processes.

Do we have alcohol-free products?

At this time, we focus on fermented and distilled spirits, so we do not offer non-alcoholic products. In our LOV FERMENTS online store you will find our alcohol-free kombuchas.

How can I stay informed about LOV FERMENTS events and news?

Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media channels to stay up to date on exciting events, launches and news from LOV FERMENTS.

Can I buy LOV FERMENTS products in physical stores?

Currently, our products are primarily available online through our website. We are exploring physical store distribution options in the future.


Do you accept collaboration proposals with restaurants or wineries?

We are open to collaboration opportunities. Please contact us to discuss possible collaborations.

Do we offer tastings or in-person tasting experiences?

We are not currently offering in-person tastings, but we are exploring options to provide tasting experiences in the future.