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Discount Gift Card

Discount Gift Card

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Ready to unleash the potential of fermentation? Our Gift Card is your entry to a universe of flavors and exploration. The perfect gift for those who appreciate innovation in beverages and seek to transcend convention.

Do you want to surprise someone with something unforgettable? The Gift Card is the path to the world of modern fermentation. Whether you are a mixology connoisseur or a wine lover, this card allows you to enjoy an incomparable selection of quality fermented drinks.

It's not just a card, but a sensory journey waiting to be unlocked.

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  • 12 Editions per year

    Every month we reveal a new limited edition, a drink like never before to surprise even the most daring, like you.

  • Unique and Unrepeatable

    Each edition is the unique result of an unrepeatable fermentation process that unites bold exploration and temporary innovation.

  • History and culture

    By applying modern fermentation techniques to recipes of ancient and multicultural inspiration, we open doors to a new paradigm.